Illuminating the Dark Web

Flashpoint Partners is dedicated to meeting the challenge of providing its customers with the data and expertise necessary to demystify the “Dark Web” – the areas on the internet where mainstream search engines are unable to penetrate – and turn the unknown and unseeable into actionable intelligence to assist corporations, governments, and individuals in protecting their interests and obligations.

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The Middle East's digitised battlefields
August 21, 2014

"Governments have tried to reduce the influence of online radicalisation by attempting, and sometimes succeeding, in defacing primary password-protected jihadi web forums, where this sort of material first gets distributed. This didn't seem to help, as cyber jihadists are tech savvy and active on social media. This material gets distributed via YouTube, Twitter and Facebook, and it becomes impossible to contain," said Laith Alkhouri, a senior analyst at New York-based Flashpoint Partners, a consulting group monitoring the use of technology in conflict areas.

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The Flashpoint Difference

Where Subject Matter Expertise and Data Analytics Meet

The internet is massive with an overwhelming amount of data, and often times those in charge of security simply don't know where to begin in tracking potential threats. To combat information overload, Flashpoint employs a holistic approach to analyzing the Dark Web by leveraging its world-class subject matter expertise on illicit actors combined with state-of-the-art data gathering and analytics. The result is a treasure trove of searchable, structured data that has already separated the wheat from the chaff where every data point is of high value and relevance.